Trends in E-Commerce Development to watch out for 2020–2021

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3 min readDec 14, 2020


In this digital age, almost everything is available just a few clicks away. This reduces the need for people to go out for shopping and waiting in long queues when they easily shop from their favorite online store.

As per a report, consumers in the US alone were projected of spending about $586 billion in 2019 on ecommerce. Another study revealed that 80% of people using the internet in the US purchased something once online. Not only is the US, but people from all over the globe progressing towards ecommerce websites to buy things due to added convenience allowing them to buy anywhere, anytime.

These insights highlight that e-commerce development will stay and if you are an ecommerce development company, you need to flow with the current trends to offer your customers with the best services. So, here are some of the ongoing trends in ecommerce development to watch out for in 2020–2021.

1. Marketing Automation

Although marketing automation is not a brand new concept in ecommerce, it has evolved dramatically over the years to offer more customization and ease of access. Previously, brands using customized automation workflows were successful in achieving higher levels of CTR. They used automation to schedule social networking posts, email marketing, and so on.

Now, the emphasis is more on providing shopping carts that can easily be accessed by the customers along with custom landing pages. The aim here is to offer a greater degree of customer satisfaction by offering them more convenience so that they can stick with the brand even in a highly saturated market.

As a result of proper marketing automation, an ecommerce development company can send personalized and customized emails to its customers and prospects, display relevant products and promotions based on shopping history, and so on.

2. Subscription-based models

This is the new age marketing trend that has garnered a lot of traction in the past few years. It can provide an ecommerce development company with immense success, as users take subscriptions for stuff they really like and want to continue using for a long time.

In 2020–2021, you can expect tremendous growth in the number of subscriptions available for different ecommerce business like never before. In order to incorporate subscription-based models into your business, you must understand the target market in the first place. And then, generate a strong idea so that can add value in the lives of people.

3. Social Payments

With the rise of a number of digital payment methods, people prefer to carry less cash in their physical wallets than their digital wallets. It is because it gives more convenience to them to make the transaction at anytime, anywhere, and to people irrespective of distances.

Popular digital payment methods like PayPal, GooglePay, Paytm, PhonePay, and so on are loved by the people. So, if an ecommerce development company can add more options of payment into your ecommerce site so that people can opt for any of them according to their preference and convince instead of giving just credit or debit card options.

4. Voice Search

As per reports, Voice shopping is projected to grow almost 40 billion towards 2022. With this insight, you can clearly say that voice search will grow even more and customers are going to use it even more while shopping online. Popular voice search methods such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana are the top ones in the game, inspiring people to use it even more.

Voice-driven experience is projected to positively influence the landscape of ecommerce. It has been a marketing trend since the past couple of years and will continue to be so. Hence, an ecommerce development company must pay attention to including voice search methods in their online stores.

5. AI & ML

One of the most influential and useful trends in ecommerce development is indeed AI and ML. These innovative technologies are advantageous to both an ecommerce development agency as well as customers. They offer a more personalized and automated shopping experience to users and give merchants a powerful weapon of marketing.

Artificial intelligence can offer enhanced customer experience and allow merchants to develop some tools like a virtual assistant to help customers during shopping by showing relevant products. Similarly, machine learning helps to find products easily to customers.

A company offering ecommerce development service can leverage these technologies to help achieve better customer engagement and boost productivity.


Being on the top row of your industry is truly beneficial for an ecommerce development company in this rapidly changing technological world. The above-mentioned trends in ecommerce development will help you achieve exactly that. So, adopt and implement them to see positive results.



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