Top Trends Dominating in Mobile App Development

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3 min readJan 8, 2021


Mobile apps have become such a necessity in our lives that it is almost impossible to live without them at present. We have social media apps, fitness apps, food ordering apps, travel apps, and what not? Since the past few years, they are continuously changing our lives and increasing our convenience in so many different ways. This is probably the reason why they are enormously popular.

If you are an App Development Company, you have a great opportunity to grow your business by offering people with useful apps. According to experts, the industry of mobile app development is undeniably one of the rapidly growing industries. Besides, it will go on flourishing more in the future as well.

So, in order to succeed in your business, an Application development company must always keep up with the current trends and technologies so that you can play the top game. Here is the list of top trends that are dominating in mobile app development; you can implement them to reap lots of benefits.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a network where physical objects are embedded using sensors, software, and electronics interconnected within this network. This technology is recognized as a game-changer in mobile app development and an App Development Company can implement the technology in their product offering to ease the lives of their users.

As per data, the global market of IoT is projected to yield about $1.3 trillion by the end of 2020. Big brands like Bosch, Samsung, Honeywell, and so on are developing their IoT products already. Some of the recent developments in IoT include Google Home, Kisi Smart Lock, etc.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML continue to transform the lives of people in so many ways, reducing human labor with accuracy. In fact, the world of app development is not untouched with its waves and the future predictions are these innovative technologies will not be limited to Chatbots like Siri. It will expand further to cast strong footprints on a global scale.

So, being an App Development Company, you can leverage the power of AI and ML to dramatically transform the lives of your customers and grow your brand even more.

3. Mobile Wallets

Nobody these days wants to keep more cash in their physical wallets. The world is going cashless and the good thing is that they love it! It gives them the option to do the instant payment to people who are near or far, irrespective of the distance.

You would not find difficulty in the transaction from one country to others as well. As such, the demand for mobile wallets is on the hike which will go increasing more in the subsequent years.

An App Development Agency can leverage this high demand by developing intelligent mobile wallets, keeping security aspects on the mind.

4. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology offers a wide range of possibilities and benefits to people and organizations all across the globe. Some of the benefits of this technology are enhanced loading capacity, streamlined business activities, reducing hosting costs, and so on.

On top of that, Cloud technology is also contributing to help in security-related concerns by solving them intelligently.

An App Development Company can use the technology in its development capabilities in order to yield more reliable, fast, and secure products and services. They can build powerful apps capable of running on the Cloud directly by using technologies such as AWS, DropBox, SlideRocket, etc.

5. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

You might have seen the use of AR and VR is gaming. However, these wonderful technologies are not going to be limited to gaming only; instead, they will expand more to provide innovative use cases. Big brands like Apple and Google are working on their AR and VR offerings to set examples and further increase the utilization of these technologies.

Take the example of Instagram and Snapchat who have already introduced their respective AR filters capable of turning the face of a human into a digital character. From healthcare and manufacturing to marketing and advertising, these technologies are being leveraged to transform lives.

An App Development Company must utilize these technologies in their offerings so as to keep up with the latest trend and stay ahead always.

Final Words:

Staying updated with the current as well as future technologies is necessary for an App Development Company to meet the demand of rapidly evolving customer demands. It is also essential to stand out in a crowd for which you are going to attract more customers by offering them useful and cool products and service by leveraging these innovative technologies.



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