8 Web Development Trends Every CTO Should Be Ready for in 2020

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3 min readAug 10, 2020

The world of web development is on the fifth gear and is evolving at a gargantuan pace. To establish your foothold in this competitive market you should be able to keep up with the innovations taking place in the industry. The big fishes can stay in the game because they implement these changes almost instantly. If you hold a Web Development Company, you should look to position yourself as a trendsetter and an Avant-Garde in the domain.

You need to upgrade as half of the industry’s population would do so, leaving you behind. To help you save time in the investigation of the market, below are 8 latest web development trends you should follow in 2020, do give it a look.

1. Animated UI

If you want to stay in the trend then motion graphics is indispensable for your Website development company. The motion graphics tend to keep your audience engaged when they surf your website, benefiting your business.

Besides user experience, the concoction of the visual elements on the website tends to increase the traffic flow on your website.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Applications

AMP is developed by Google in response to Facebook’s instant articles. AMP is a framework that is open-sourced. The unnecessary elements of the user interface are avoided by the AMP and it only displays the necessary information. The benefit of it? The site loads quickly. The websites which are working in the news domain are benefitted from it.

PWAs are the website that would offer you the same user experience as their native counterparts. The applications are used in the web browser giving users a good experience even with bad internet connectivity.

3. Cyber security and Artificial intelligence

With everything taking a digital turn, the security of information is the biggest concern these days. The news is often filled with cyber attacks leading to leakage of user data.

AI is a great tool which could help in ensuring cyber security, many large firms are using it to ensure their digital security.

4. Voice search optimization

Your Website development company needs a voice search optimization as several voice assistants are being used by a major section of people. The optimization of the voice search is going to make your website responsive and make the customer experience better. This would help you establish your brand image.

5. Responsive design

Responsive design is more of a necessary feature than a luxury feature for your Web Development Company. The click-rate of the mobile devices is far more than that of the desktop. Therefore, mobile responsive websites should be your priority as they bring more traffic.

6. Streamlined workload and API-first design

The more connections you have, the more APIs you would have in your application. The Internet of Things has helped to connect various devices and this is going to increase the user experience.

7. Chatbots and robust customer support

Chatbots have played a major part in improving customer support. The Web development services should ALWAYS include chatbots when interaction with a real person is not available, helping you increase your brand credibility.

8. Modular design with affordable development

Templates have now become a thing of the past. People are using modular designs for the development of a webpage. These designs help to display information in a better way. The development of using modular designs is faster and quicker.

If you are building a website you would know that building a website is very easy but building a great website is very difficult. You should use the different Web development services which aren’t familiar, to reduce your competition.

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